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Dropship Series: Old Republic LAAT

So here's the second issue in the dropship series: The Republic Light Armoured Assault Transport, first seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, probably better known as a Republic Gunship.


The Gunship is really small, especially the turrets. It's only 4cm long!


Ich bitte um Feedback! Es würde mich sehr freuen, den Vogel mal von jemand anderem gebaut zu sehen, daher schickt mir einfach Bilder und Anregungen an meine Emailadresse!
Für Webmaster: Bitte keine direkten Links auf die Quelldatei, sondern wenn dann auf diese Seite und am besten in jedem Fall mich fragen. Danke!

Please give me feedback! I would really like to see that bird built by somebody else, so please feel free to send pictures and comments to my email adress!
For Webmasters: Please no direct linking to the source file but to this page. In any case, please contact me when linking so I know where I can be found ;)
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